What people are saying

Lee taught me the word Permaculture back in 2009 when she helped the neighborhoods establish the Doraville Unity Gardens. (DUG) Since then I have been impressed with her intelligent comments at City Council meetings and her calm temperament when expressing thoughtful opinions in our online neighborhood groups. Lee works well with others and has shown leadership in her career as a software developer and her career as a musician. (That makes her kind of a renaissance woman I believe!) Lee is an outstanding member of our community and will represent us well on the Doraville City Council.

Susan Fraysee , Doraville, GA

“I’ve known Lee for the past few years, and during that time, Lee has demonstrated passion and insight that I believe will benefit the city of Doraville. She has displayed her commitment to every part of the community, including students in the Cross Keys HS cluster. I’ve watched Lee take time to discuss community issues with people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, and from all over the political spectrum. Her balanced, measured approach, combined with her strong policies, is going to help Doraville continue to thrive and reach new levels of success.”

Rebekah Morris , Doraville, GA

“Lee Flier is a brilliant, level-headed, pragmatic leader who would benefit any community. She’s patriotic, knowledgeable, fair, passionate, kind, creative, hard-working, cooperative, respectful, and community-minded.

But even beyond this list of wonderful attributes, she has integrity, ethics, and vision.

I wish we could clone her so she could take part in leadership roles across our country. Doraville is beyond lucky to have her. I so rarely do this, but I unconditionally endorse Lee Flier for City Council in Doraville.”

Ken Lee – Special Education Teacher , Los Angeles, CA

“As a sound engineer, Lee Flier has devoted her life to listening and to helping others listen. Literally! I endorse her candidacy and only wish that there were Lee Fliers running for city councils everywhere.”


Jacob Slichter – Drummer, Semisonic , New York, NY

In the 6 years I’ve known her, Lee has shown a passion for staying informed on local issues and encouraging my participation in the community as well, particularly when the Council is voting on major initiatives in our city. I have been impressed by her eloquence and depth of knowledge when speaking at government meetings and in conversations about local issues. I enthusiastically endorse Lee for City Council.”

Lee Wiggins – Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Turner Broadcasting , Doraville, GA