A Greener City

English Oak Park

Doraville already has a strong reputation for promoting urban forest canopy, partnering with organizations such as Trees Atlanta and the Arbor Day Foundation to plant and conserve trees throughout the city. I’d love to take that to the next level. Trees help to mitigate urban heat islands caused by too much asphalt, improve air quality, and are home to birds and other wildlife. Trees even form communities much like people do – a lone tree is much more likely to be damaged by a storm than a tree in a grove or forest. When allowed to grow up together, trees protect each other (and us) from damaging wind, frost and heat.

I’m also a vigorous advocate for public parks, green spaces, pedestrian and bike trails, walkable neighborhoods, and environmentally friendly development in our city. The green energy sector is a huge economic opportunity, with growing demand for skilled jobs. As a council member I will promote such projects as solar installations, rooftop and vertical gardens, land trusts, and other forward thinking development already established in many other cities.