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Doraville is a city in transition. Its ideal location, real estate that is prime for redevelopment, and affordability mean that change is inevitable. I’ve been listening to what my neighbors have to say about all this for many years now, and for some folks, this is an exciting time. Other residents are understandably more wary, afraid that they’ll be priced out of the area as property values rise, or worried about their quality of life as all this new growth happens.

“Doraville deserves responsible, caring and creative leadership, as we begin a new chapter in our city’s growth that is both challenging and exciting.”

I share in both the excitement and the concerns. But I also know that we can’t hold back the tide – turning back the clock is not an option, so we can either manage these changes thoughtfully or they will be managed for us, by people who may not live here and don’t necessarily have our best interests in mind.

Luckily, I really do think it’s possible to navigate these changes in a way that will improve the quality of life for every resident, without leaving anyone behind. I believe Doraville’s greatest strength is our diversity. A strong, functioning community needs all sorts of people, so the more inclusive we are of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, the better the city will become – there are more economic opportunities, more aesthetically beautiful spaces, less crime and neglect, a bigger pool of skills and perspectives to learn from. To really make these things blossom, though, takes long term vision, caring and commitment. It doesn’t happen by accident, or overnight, so it takes good leadership to see it through.

That’s why my motto is “Building Bridges” – I want to help bridge the best of Doraville’s past with its future, to find common interests among people of different backgrounds, and yes, I support the building of an actual bridge from Assembly to the MARTA station.

Read on for more about my platform – and check back often; I’ll be adding to it!

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