Meet Lee

My Story

I grew up mostly in the Los Angeles area, with a few other stops along the way, but L.A. never really felt like “home” to me. I moved to Atlanta in 1992, and then bought a house in Doraville in 1994, which I have proudly called home since. In Doraville I have everything I dreamed about back in L.A. – a big yard with trees and space for a garden and a dog, a basement for a music studio, friendly, diverse neighbors, and real opportunity to have a voice in the community no matter who you are.

“As a 23 year resident of Doraville, I love my city and want to do all I can to help make its future even better, while preserving what made me fall in love.”

Career and Interests

I’ve made my career as a software developer, and since 2005 have held the position of Director of Database Technologies at VenU, LLC. Our company provides online hosting of corporate training management for Fortune 500 companies. I interact with a wide swath of the business community around the world on a daily basis, from my home office right here in Doraville, and I’d love to bring this experience to City Council.

I’ve also been a musician since childhood and perform regularly around the Atlanta area and elsewhere as a guitarist with several rock bands, as well as being an audio engineer for my own and other local bands whose cause I support. Being in bands and collaborating with other musicians takes good social skills, motivation and a sense of humor – also qualities I think would serve me well on the City Council!

My other great love is environmental design – I am certified in Permaculture and love to explore new ways to be sustainable and create green spaces in urban settings.

I’ve been active in the Doraville community for quite some time, giving occasional workshops, helping to found the community garden, speaking at council meetings and in online forums, and listening carefully to other residents’ hopes and fears. I love my neighbors and am glad to call many of them real friends. I have a knack for connecting people, bringing folks from all walks of life together in a way that enriches all parties.

Why I’m Running for Office

While I’ve always been an outspoken citizen when it comes to political issues, I’ve never considered myself a politician and have never had aspirations to run for office, but this is a crucial time in the city’s development and I feel like I can help… so it is in that spirit that I am running. Some people run for office promising things that are either not within their control or they simply don’t have any concrete idea how to make it work – it just sounds nice. It’s also much easier to have a platform that simply tears down the real work that others are doing than it is to commit to ideas of your own, much less make them actually happen. I don’t think either of these approaches will make Doraville a better place to live. But I do have a good combination of logical and creative skills and am therefore both  imaginative and realistic. I can dream big (and small), and love helping others to realize their dreams, but I don’t just dream without a workable plan. I bring a wealth of ideas, experience, enthusiasm and know-how to the table and a sincere desire to serve my community. Looking forward to getting to know even more of my neighbors and hearing your ideas!